Medical Management at Events

With years of experience in facilitating the safe and smooth running of events ranging from primary school athletic days to international sporting events. We have developed a solid foundation of procedure and adaptability to ensure the national standards of medical management at events is provided.

Industrial Medical Services

We can supply a site-based medical solution for your business, factory or film and television event.

Our New Mobile Deployable First Aid Room, Available by request.

Excellence in Clinical Care

Emergency Medical Technicians

Skilled primary care officers make up the majority of the national ambulance workforce across New Zealand. EMT’s have a defined scope of practice enabling them to treat a variety of conditions and manage patients to a national standard. EMT’s can provide effective trauma, airway and cardiovascular management utilising a range of medications including inhaled pain relief.


Transitcare Paramedics (Intermediate Life Support). Offer a high level of clinical cover for events. They are authorised to provide intravenous pain relief and medication to treat a wide variety of issues from trauma to medical.

Intensive-Care Paramedics

Intensive Care Paramedics have the widest range of clinical practice available. They are able to perform critical care invasive procedures and administered a wide range of medications

Clinical Oversight

Every officer we employ regardless of qualification can immediately access advice from our duty doctor or ambulance service clinical desk.

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